Social Science for Climate Change
Susan Moser

Information for Journalists

photoMy Expertise

Contact me if you are looking for an expert to speak on the following issues:


  • Impacts of climate change, sea-level rise on coastal areas, including storms, flooding, and erosion (especially U.S.)
  • Impacts of climate change on forest-based communities, conservation areas and rural communities (in US)
  • Impacts of climate change on urban areas
  • Society‚Äôs ability to adapt to the impacts of climate change
  • Effective communication of climate change and social change
  • The use of science in decision- and policy-making

For additional information on my research, go to the Research page or to my CV.

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My Media Experience

I frequently work with major international, national, and regional media outlets.


  • News Services and Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Online News Services
  • Documentaries

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