Social Science for Climate Change
Susan Moser


The primary goal of Susanne Moser Research & Consulting is to respond in a timely fashion to client needs for relevant information and tools, credible analysis, actionable advice, and effective trainings. I can assist you with questions on vulnerability, adaptation, resilience and transformations; the effective communication of climate change, behavior change and public engagement strategies; as well as decision support and interactions between scientists and decision-makers. Clients have contracted me to:

Conduct original social science research:

  • conducting interviews, surveys, focus groups, participant observation, document analysis etc.
  • producing peer-reviewed publications, project reports, and effective presentations
  • preparing reports on topics of interest
  • synthesizing diverse scholarship and practical knowledge
  • extracting key lessons and principles from existing research to guide policy and management

Assist in research design:

  • assisting in critically questioning and refining problem statements
  • helping to identify appropriate research approaches
  • providing expert advice throughout the research process
  • shaping and implementing credible and useful assessment projects

Assist in strategic project and program design and evaluation:

  • developing logic models and other strategic project and program design aids
  • conducting multi-method evaluations of outputs, outcomes and impacts of research, assessment and program activities
  • outlining viable strategic directions

Produce outreach documents and related materials:

  • writing and designing attractive, audience-specific and accessible brochures
  • developing fact sheets

Deliver engaging presentations on climate change, responses and effective communication:

  • addressing and dialoguing with various audiences
  • informing practitioner and technical (scientific) audiences on key scientific findings and their implications

Offer professional trainings:

  • teaching in small- and large-group settings about communication, public engagement, and working effectively at the science-practice interface
  • educating vulnerability and adaptation options assessment in hands-on, interactive sessions

Samples of written documents can be found on the Publications page. Testimonials from my partners and clients speak to the quality of my work, including my presentations and trainings.

Please contact me to discuss your project.